Established 2007

Everyone Welcome
The Forest School does not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, economic status or political affiliations.  


The Forest School celebrates the wisdom of the earth and the changing of the seasons.  The school has no religious affiliations.

The Role of the Parents
The Forest School values and encourages parental involvement. In addition to family volunteer service, parents are asked to participate in a 1/2 day parental immersion, to attend term check-ins and celebrations and to share ideas and concerns at advisory meetings.

The Role of the “Teachers”
The Forest School values the knowledge and experiences of everyone. Students will learn from community members, parents, professionals, experienced educators and each other. “Teachers” guide and support learners in exploring their interests; initiate interesting quests and invite students to come along and arrange opportunities for play, discovery, adventure and doing.


Peace Place
Forest School is a peaceable program.  Students are actively encouraged and supported in learning non-violent play and communication methods.  All students are asked to refrain from bringing weapons of any kind or other items depicting or encouraging violence.

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The Food
Communal snacks are a part of Forest School.  Parents are asked to participate in a meal preparation rotation, where families provide food for a specific day.  Personal snacks can be brought for after school.  

Nut Free Zone
The Forest School is a nut free place.  Please refrain from sending any meals or snacks containing nuts of any kind.  Be sure to read all labels on prepackaged food and avoid using foods bought in bulk bins.

To Bring
Children are asked to bring outdoor clothes appropriate for the season (e.g. snow pants, rain suit etc), and indoor shoes. There is a clay hill that provides hours of fun and a lot of dirt.  If this poses concern, please send an extra set of clothes that could be used specifically for play on the hill.  No toys please.

Snow Days
Snow days will be determined by 8:00 am of each day.  If storms arise, arrangements may be made to get children home early.  If the weather is indecisive, the school may remain open and families will make decisions based on their own comfort level.


Finding your way
Take HWY #61 to Hwy #608 South Gillies.  Turn right onto HWY #608 and continue until the end.  Turn left on HWY #595 (you are at South Gillies), and then take your first right onto Palisades Road.  The Forest School is at fire number 413 (approximately 4 km down Palisades).  The driveway is 3/4 km long.  Keep on the left road and you will find yourself at the Forest School.