The Forest School recognizes that play fighting is a fun part of many children’s development.  We also understand through this play much can be explored and learned about power, control, and the workings of the world around.  While these learnings can come in other ways (for those of you whose children do not play fight), we see the value in it for those who do.  Most children drawn to gun and rough play can find (or make) opportunities for it in their lives.

The Forest School has chosen to be a place that challenges people to explore different ways of doing, being and playing.  When it comes to “peace play”, the premise is that if we are to create a culture that does not readily revert to violence to solve problems, we need to start practicing a different sets of conflict resolution skills, and playing out those alternative types of scenarios.  

The Forest School provides that place to practice; to challenge ourselves to stop and think when we find ourselves in the midst of a battle over which elf army will win the treasure under the mountain… there may be another way.