WILD AT HEART- Compilation of 12 issues   
Looking for some fun, creative, hands-0n ideas and lesson plans for engaging your kids...  Wild At Heart E-Zine is full of them!  From Peace Day to Earth Day, and every ordinary day in between.  Fun games, nature crafts, outdoor adventure activities.. all here!  Wild At Heart is perfect for all those who know learning can be a fun, wonderous adventure, and like to help make it so!   (The alternative educator (home and school), community group leader, cool Auntie etc.  )  Bring a little bit of The Forest School into your world!
A WORLD WORTH IMAGINING                                                    
"A World Worth Imagining" is a children's book written by Forest School founder, Sue Holloway, illustrated by Amanda Clark, and inspired by The Forest School Children.  It tells the story of a young girl who sees what has become in a world guided by respect and compassion. 
This heartwarming tale of hope is for young and old alike.