About Sue Holloway
Director / "Teacher"

Bachelor Recreation Studies

I discovered early in my work in recreation and community development the
value of learning through play. My desire to share that knowledge with others
led me to become an educator.  As my journey continued, my zeal for adventure
and belief in human potential brought me to experience-based learning.  It is
here that I discovered my true passion, the power of hands on learning-- of getting
in there, having fun, getting dirty and “do-ing”. Now I have been a facilitator and
educator for over 15 years.  I see how invaluable play; creativity and hands on experiences
are for true learning. I am passionate about helping create fun, hands on learning experiences that spark a fire within.

Along with “teaching” at the Forest School, I design and facilitate both professional and personal development opportunities.  In so doing, I have worked everywhere from classrooms, to boardrooms, to the wilderness, with populations including women, children, educators, youth at risk, adults, businesses and people from varied ethnic backgrounds.  This diversity has developed in me a sensitivity and adaptability to various needs and environments that I have found invaluable.

I am fortunate to have spent over 13 years working in recreation and community development in Aboriginal communities throughout northern Manitoba and Ontario. I believe in the importance of recreation in building vibrant and healthy communities and maintain a commitment to increasing opportunities for positive leisure choices.

My passion for the outdoors and adventure not only led me north, but also to Outward Bound Canada. In my 6 years as an Instructor there, I was privileged to be a part of reconnecting people with the earth and themselves. In my work I continue to share my reverence for the wilderness and to provide opportunities that enable people to connect with their inner wisdom, creativity, and strength.

My biggest adventure yet has been becoming a mother. My two wonderful boys continue to challenge me, teach me, inspire me, and bring joy and humour to my life. It is my desire to ensure they have exciting, real, nurturing and relevant learning experiences that has been the driving force behind the Forest School.

I truly believe that we learn best by doing and by being the driving force of our own learning; that learning can be a wondrous adventure; and that when we take the time to search, we can discover a potential within ourselves that we never thought existed. It is these truths that guide my work.